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The Premier Sports Bar in Los Angeles, CA

Dive into the heart of Downtown LA Sports bar culture, where passion meets entertainment. At XLanes LA, we seamlessly blend the excitement of games with the allure of a bustling restaurant and the vibrant energy of a top-tier bar. Our spacious sports bar arena promises an experience like no other in Los Angeles, CA. Featuring advanced audio technology, dynamic LED lights, and expansive projector screens, immerse yourself in every play and cheer with every score.

Services We Offer

Exceptional Sports Viewing:

Experience the Game Like Never Before. Dive deep into the pulsating heart of sports at XLanes LA. Whether you’re an avid fan cheering for your favorite team or someone who simply enjoys the exhilarating atmosphere of a live match, we’ve got you covered. Our sports bar in Los Angeles, CA, is designed to give you an unmatched viewing experience.

  • State-of-the-Art Setup: Our Downtown LA Sports bar arena is furnished with high-definition large-screen projectors, advanced audio systems, and dynamic LED illumination. Every pass, goal, and tackle is amplified for an immersive experience.
  • Dedicated Sports Arena: Keeping our guests in mind, we’ve ensured that the sports bar downtown LA section is separate from the restaurant. This thoughtful design ensures that your sports viewing is undisturbed and every game feels like a grand event.
  • Varied Sports Coverage: From basketball to soccer, from rugby to tennis, we showcase a broad spectrum of sports. No matter what your preference, we promise you won’t miss out on any action.

Bowling Extravaganza:

Redefining Bowling in Los Angeles Bowling is not just a game; it’s an experience. And at XLanes LA, we take this experience to an entirely new level.

  • State-of-the-Art Lanes: Our lanes boast the latest technology, ensuring accuracy and a smooth bowling experience. The vibrant ambiance and electric atmosphere make every roll a thrilling adventure.
  • Celebrate Your Wins: Every strike, every spare deserves to be celebrated. Our interactive scoring system and dazzling light effects add to the excitement. Let the pins echo your achievements.
  • For Everyone: Whether you’re a pro bowler or just looking for a fun-filled evening with friends and family, our Bowling Los Angeles facility is perfect for all. Expert or beginner, the lanes await you.

Delightful Dining:

A Culinary Journey to Remember XLanes LA is not just about games and sports; it’s a haven for food lovers, too.

  • Diverse Menu: From local favorites to international delicacies, our menu is a melange of flavors. Every dish is crafted with care, ensuring you get a taste of authenticity with every bite.
  • Refreshing Beverages: Pair your meal with our extensive range of drinks. Whether it’s a cocktail to lift your spirits or a mocktail to cool down, our bar has something for everyone.
  • Relaxed Ambiance: After an exciting game or a bowling match, what’s better than relaxing with some delicious food? Our dining section, distinct from the sports bar, offers a serene environment to enjoy your meal. Whether you’re on a date, with family, or hanging out with friends, the ambiance sets the perfect mood for a memorable meal.

Join us at XLanes LA, where every visit promises a unique blend of entertainment, thrill, and culinary delights.

Why Choose XLanes LA?

When you’re in the bustling city of Los Angeles, CA, seeking an exhilarating sports bar experience, you might wonder, “Which sports bar near me provides an exceptional mix of gaming, dining, and entertainment?” Here’s why XLanes LA stands out:

Downtown LA's Sports Bar Gem
Prime Location-

Downtown LA’s Sports Bar Gem: Situated perfectly in the pulse of downtown, XLanes LA is more than just a sports bar; it’s a landmark. Being in such a central location, it becomes an ideal rendezvous for locals looking for that ‘go-to’ spot and for visitors seeking a taste of LA’s vibrant nightlife. Accessibility is a luxury in a city as sprawling as Los Angeles, and our prime location ensures you spend more time enjoying and less time commuting.

Audio-Visual Extravaganza
Cutting-Edge Setup:

An Audio-Visual Extravaganza: The essence of a good game night lies in its details. At XLanes LA, we’ve fine-tuned those details to perfection. Our state-of-the-art audio systems ensure you catch every cheer, every commentary, and every crucial game moment in crystal clear sound. Paired with our radiant LED lights and expansive projector displays, you’re not just watching a game; you’re living it. The ambiance sets the mood, making every touchdown, goal, or basket feel like a personal victory.

Expert Team
Expert Team-

At Your Service, Always: A place is only as good as its people, and XLanes LA prides itself on its professional yet personable staff. Every member of our team, from the bartenders to the bowling alley attendants, has been meticulously trained not just in their job roles but in the art of hospitality. Whether you need assistance in selecting a drink, setting up your bowling game, or choosing from our diverse menu, you’ll find our staff eager and equipped to assist. With a dedication that goes beyond mere service, our team ensures that your moments at XLanes LA translate into cherished memories.

Versatile Experience-

A Melting Pot of Entertainment: Imagine a place where you can transition from an intense game-viewing session to a relaxed bowling match and then to a sumptuous dinner – all under one roof. That’s the versatility XLanes LA offers. Every visit introduces you to a new experience, making monotony a word you’ll forget. Our eclectic mix of services ensures that whether you’re a sports enthusiast, a bowling pro, or a food lover, there’s something tailor-made for you. The convergence of diverse experiences ensures that every outing to XLanes LA feels fresh, making it the perfect spot for every mood and occasion.

In essence, XLanes LA isn’t just another sports bar in Los Angeles, CA; it’s an experience, an emotion, a place where memories are made. Whether it’s the allure of our prime location, the dazzle of our technical setup, the warmth of our staff, or the diversity of experiences we offer, every aspect of XLanes LA is curated with you in mind. So, the next time you find yourself searching for a “sports bar near me,” remember there’s a place downtown that’s always waiting to exceed your expectations.


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Absolutely! Our sports bar downtown LA section is distinct from our restaurant seating, ensuring both dining and game-viewing are unparalleled experiences.

Simply visit our website to book a lane. Experience Bowling Los Angeles in all its glory at XLanes LA.

Join us at XLanes LA, and let the games begin. Whether it’s the charm of our sports bar, the thrill of Bowling Los Angeles, or simply a memorable dining experience, we promise to leave you wanting more. The finest sports bar in Los Angeles, CA, awaits you.

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