• XLanes Appetizer Platter

    Assorted platter of chicken strips, French fries, buffalo wings, nachos with cheese sauce, pico de gallo & jalapeños, mozzarella sticks, and onion rings.

  • Salt and Pepper Fries

    Crispy fries tossed in salt and fresh ground pepper served with ranch or ketchup.

  • Garlic & Parmesan Fries

    Our house fries topped with a flavorful combination of freshly grated parmesan cheese, garlic, and Italian parsley

  • Tater Tot Dippers

    A mound of tasty potato tots seasoned with salt and pepper and served with ranch or ketchup, great for sharing.

  • Loaded Pepperoni Tots

    A mound of everyone’s favorite tater tots topped with XLanes’ cheese sauce and crispy pepperoni.

  • Onion Rings

    Beer-battered onion rings served with creamy ranch and BBQ sauce.

  • Mozzarella Sticks

    100% Wisconsin mozzarella cheese lightly coated in seasoned panko, served with homemade marinara.

  • Fried Calamari

    Buttermilk-soaked calamari breaded and fried. Served with cocktail sauce and chipotle mayo.

  • Buffalo Cauliflower Bites

    Breaded cauliflower florets tossed in buffalo sauce.

  • Philly Cheesesteak Quesadillas

    Grilled in a flour tortilla with thinly sliced tender beef strips with sauteed mushrooms, onions, and green bell peppers topped with melted provolone, mayo, and a hint of Worcestershire.

  • Charred Chicken Quesadillas

    Tender pieces of chicken, mushrooms, peppers, and sauteed onions smothered in mozzarella and cheddar cheese. Served with pico de gallo, and sour cream.

  • XLanes Nachos

    A mountain of freshly fried corn tortilla chips topped with Pico de Gallo, jalapeños, and our XLanes signature cheese sauce. Add Chicken $3 | Beef $4

  • XLanes Chicken Wings

    Crispy chicken wings served with your choice of blue cheese or creamy ranch dipping sauce. Choose from: Nude, Sesame, Honey BBQ, BBQ, Buffalo, Asian Chili, Spicy, Insane

  • Spinach & Artichoke Dip

    Freshly blanched baby spinach and seasoned artichokes with a blend of 4 cheeses all prepared in house served with tortilla chips.

  • Bruschetta Tuscany

    Roma tomatoes, garlic, fresh basil, freshly grated parmigiana, tossed in extra virgin olive oil with crostini.

  • Sweet Potato Fries

    Crispy sweet potato fries seasoned with a combination of sugar and cinnamon with ranch.

  • Southwest Eggrolls

    Grilled white meat chicken, corn, black beans, cilantro, and Monterey Jack/ Cheddar cheese served with chipotle mayo.

  • Classic Cheeseburger

    ½ pound Angus beef patty with American cheese atop fresh romaine lettuce, red onions, tomatoes, and sliced pickles on our buttery brioche bun.

  • Classic Hamburger

    ½ pound Angus beef patty cooked to order with romaine lettuce, tomatoes, red onions, and sliced pickles on our buttery brioche bun.

  • The Beyond Burger

    World’s first plant-based burger with romaine lettuce, red onions, freshly sliced tomatoes, American cheese, and sliced pickles.

  • Bacon, Swiss, and a Lot o’ Mushrooms

    For all the mushroom lovers out there, this one’s for you! A generous mound of sautéed mushrooms and applewood smoked bacon, caramelized onions, with melted Swiss on our juicy 1⁄2 pound Angus beef patty on lettuce, tomatoes, and a pickle spear.

  • The Boss Burger

    Two juicy patties, a double layer of American cheese, garnished with romaine lettuce, red onions, tomatoes, smoked bacon, and topped with onion rings.

  • Grilled Chicken Sandwich

    Chargrilled marinated chicken breast, sautéed mushrooms, and provolone cheese on a bed of fresh lettuce, tomatoes and red onions with a pickle spear on a buttery toasted Brioche bun. Add Applewood Bacon $3

  • 3 Mini BBQ Brioche Sliders

    Three mini choice beef patties, choice of cheese, crispy onion straws finished with BBQ sauce on Brioche with a pickle spear.

  • The Classic Cheesesteak

    Thinly sliced beef, Worcestershire, and mayo with sautéed mushrooms, onions, and bell peppers, finished with our in-house prepared cheese sauce.

  • All About That Bacon Cheeseburger

    A mound of applewood bacon topped on our classic cheeseburger with lettuce, tomatoes, caramelized onions, American cheese, and sliced pickles.

  • Hot Honey Crispy Chicken Sandwich

    Our take on a crunchy spicy chicken sandwich. Hand-battered chicken breast fried, then smothered with our spicy hot honey sauce with Asian coleslaw, light mayo, and sliced pickles. Served with fries.

  • Classic Marinara

    Spaghetti pasta tossed in our homemade marinara with freshly grated parmesan cheese and parsley.

  • Drunken Chipotle Chicken

    Tender strips of marinated chicken, sautéed julienned peppers, onions and cilantro, smothered in a creamy adobo chipotle sauce.

  • Hot Honey Crispy Strips

    Hand battered and fried perfectly, drizzled with our very own hot honey sauce over a bed of crispy fries and served with Asian coleslaw.

  • Fettuccini Alfredo

    Classic white cream sauce with an aromatic twist. Tossed in fettuccini pasta with freshly grated parmesan cheese and parsley. Add Meatballs $3 | Chicken $3

  • Chicken Tenders

    Four crispy chicken tenders served over a bed of seasoned fries.

  • Fish Tacos

    Your choice of either: 3 pan-seared or 3 crispy fish tacos with cabbage slaw, pico de gallo, fresh cilantro, and chipotle mayo with tortilla chips and salsa fresca.

  • XLanes House Salad

    Mixed greens, herb roasted cherry tomatoes, red onions, crisp cucumbers, baby spinach and freshly shaved parmesan cheese tossed in our house vinaigrette.

  • Classic Caesar

    Crisp romaine hearts tossed in our homemade Caesar dressing with garlic-infused croutons and shaved parmesan cheese.

  • Mandarin Chicken Salad

    A medley of mixed greens tossed in our homemade sesame dressing, Mandarin oranges, wonton chips, red onions, candied walnuts, herb roasted tomatoes, cucumbers, toasted sesame seeds and grilled chicken.

  • Caprese Salad

    A bed of mixed greens tossed in our Italian dressing and layered with fresh mozzarella/tomato slices with fresh basil, freshly cracked black pepper, kosher salt and balsamic drizzle.

  • Southwest Chopped BBQ Chicken Salad

    Chopped romaine lettuce, crisp bacon, roasted corn, black beans, herb-roasted cherry tomatoes, red onions, cucumbers, cilantro, and a blend of both cheddar and mozzarella cheese tossed together with BBQ/ranch dressing.

  • The M.O.A.P Pizza

    This is the mother of all pepperoni pizzas, you’re welcome!

  • Hawaiian Aloha

    Canadian bacon, bacon crisps, pineapple chunks, and mozzarella cheese.

  • The Total Package

    Pepperoni, Italian sausage, Canadian bacon, red onions, green peppers, mushrooms, and black olives perfectly packaged with fresh mozzarella cheese.

  • The Cry Baby

    This is not for the faint of heart! A flavorful base of red onions, Italian sausages, mushrooms, crisp bacon, Canadian bacon, jalapenos, red pepper flakes, and our in-house prepared ghost chili sauce. TRY IT IF YOU DARE!

  • Southwest BBQ Chicken

    Charred chicken, bacon crisps, Canadian bacon, red onions, and mozzarella cheese topped with our homemade BBQ sauce and fresh cilantro.

  • The Veggielicious

    Truly for the veggie lover in all of us. Fresh mushrooms, red onions, green peppers, black olives, herb roasted cherry tomatoes, fresh spinach, artichokes, EVOO, parmesan and salt/pepper.

  • Philly Cheesesteak

    Thinly sliced tender beef strips with sautéed mushrooms, onion, and bell peppers smothered in provolone cheese.

  • 4 Cheese Sensation

    A rich blend of mozzarella, cheddar, parmesan, and provolone cheese with herb seasoning.

  • The Carnivore

    This beastly pie is topped with pepperoni, Italian sausage, bacon crisps, Canadian bacon, meatballs, and charred chicken.

  • Spinach & Artichoke

    Everything you love from our popular appetizer is now on our pizza with freshly blanched baby spinach and seasoned artichokes with a blend of 4 cheeses.

  • The Classic Margherita

    A true classic Italian pie thinly layered with fresh garlic, basil, herb roasted cherry tomatoes, mozzarella, grated parmesan cheese, alongside the perfect blend of extra virgin olive oil and herb seasoning.

  • Build Your Own

    Choose your topping(s) 10” – $1.50ea | 16” – $2.75ea Add your choice of: Black Olives, Pineapple, Red Onions, Ham, Artichokes, Pepperoni, Sausage, Meatballs, Bacon, Chicken, White Button Mushrooms, Spinach, Herb Roasted Cherry Tomatoes, Jalapeños.

  • Fountain Drinks

    • Iced Tea
    • Raspberry Iced Tea
    • Lemonade
    • Fanta Orange
    • Coke
    • Diet Coke
    • Sprite
    • Ginger Ale
    • Apple Juice
    • Grapefruit Juice
    • Orange Juice
    • Pineapple Juice
    • Cranberry Juice
    • Coffee
    • Tea

  • Xlanes’ Cookie Pie

    A huge warm chocolate chip cookie topped with chocolate ice cream and whipped cream.

  • Acqua Panna, Pellegrino, Red Bull

    Your choice of either.

Mon-Thu (5PM - 7PM)

  • Options

    • Tater Tots Dipper
    • Garlic & Parmesan Fries
    • Fries Salt and Pepper
    • Fries Sweet Potato Fries
    • Southwest Eggrolls
    • Buffalo Cauliflower Bites

  • Options

    • Loaded Pepperoni Tots
    • Mozzarella Sticks
    • Onion Rings
    • XLanes Nachos Add Chicken • $3
    • XLanes Chicken Wings – Choose from: Nude, Sesame, BBQ, Honey BBQ, Buffalo, Asian Chili, Spicy, Insane

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